movingSocial security disability and moving to another state.

I thought I would briefly blog about a recent Client that found himself in quite a predicament due to some bad advice. The client originally filed for Social Security Disability in Ohio as he had a severe case of Chron’s disease along with two herniated intervertebral disk. Soon thereafter, the Client relocated to Alabama where he received his Social Security Disability claim denial letter. Client then retained an attorney in Alabama which requested a hearing. Unfortunately, for Client his attorney did not do his homework. Alabama is one of eight states that do not have a re-consideration step in the Social Security filing process. In other words, when a claimant in Alabama has been denied for SSD he can skip the reconsideration filing and directly request a hearing. Fortunately for the client, he soon thereafter retained a top social security disability attorney to straighten his situation out. His attorney’s failure to file for reconsideration as required in Ohio delayed Client’s disability claim by at least a year.