Can my daughter and/or son get disability benefits if they are disabled?

The only Social Security disability program that addresses disability for children is called SSI and it is resources based. That is, your income affects whether your child is eligible for benefits. For the income levels see: Does my income affect my child’s disability payments?

Ok, so you reviewed the income chart and you are now asking yourself, now what? Well, first go to your local Social Security Field Office and set-up an interview time. During the interview SSA will obtain a narrative from you regarding the timeline of your child’s medical history. For instance, you will be able to go into great detail regarding your child’s disability (e.g. diagnosis of high functioning autism or ADHD ). At this appointment you will provide address of the child’s treating physicians, telephone numbers, facilities, clinics, hospitals, and treatment dates.
Next the claim is reviewed by your state’s disability-processing agency for processing. If enough evidence is acquired from your child’s treatment notes then the BDD or DDS will make a decision without sending your child to a consultative exam with a physician.

Once a favorable decision is reached, your local Social Security office will contact you to make an appointment to review your income and resources in order to compare your income to the allowance chart in order to make sure that your income still qualifies your child to receive benefits.

In the unfortunate event that your child’s benefits are denied, call 1-800-596-1533 for a free attorney consultation.